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Annual Client Review of Fleet Expenses

Looking at the big picture when it comes to detailed data can have lasting benefits for your bottom line. Our annual client review tracks your fleet’s total expenses benchmarked against industry standards, which isolates opportunities to reduce your total spend.

This in-depth report analyzes your fleet usage and needs, providing you recommendations to save you money while meeting the unique demands of your business.

Learn about possibilities for optimizing your fleet by gaining an industry perspective on benchmarks and other competitive fleet vehicle reports.


Join a team of experts who are dedicated to help you save money. A dedicated Account Manager will always be available to help you make the right vehicle choices, determine the right time to replace aged vehicles, and help monitor future costs to ensure you stay within the budget. Having an expert on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly will alleviate your vehicle concerns and allow you to focus on your business.


Enterprise Fleet Management has a proprietary set of tools to analyze the Total Cost of Ownership of your fleet to help you understand each vehicle expense, including all direct and indirect costs.


Get access to all manufacturers and all makes and models based on your unique cost analysis.


Hear from some of our customers about how a total transportation solution has changed their businesses and their lives. And, discover the tools and expertise we’ve got to offer with instructional video demonstrations.


We’re changing our customers’ lives and businesses by saving them money, time and resources. Read the stories here.