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Lowering Fleet Operating Expenses

Managing and controlling fleet operating expenses is never easy. There can be hundreds of transactions that take place over a vehicle’s lifecycle, when you include fuel, maintenance, and all the administrative costs of payables and billing. Having the systems in place to track and control these transactions is complex but absolutely necessary to understand how much it costs you each year to operate your company’s vehicles.

At Enterprise, we have the fleet management systems and reporting capabilities in place to take this burden off your team, alerting you to transactions that require oversight. By working with our account team, you gain access to a team of professionals to represent your checkbook from a registration issue to a complex maintenance repair. Having the capability to capture all your operating expenses allows us to benchmark your results against industry standards and the results we see from working with thousands of other companies. This allows us to track, report and implement a plan for reducing overall operating expenses over time.


Maintenance can be one of the most difficult expenses to manage. It is often a challenge to know what routine vehicle maintenance is absolutely necessary to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty requirements and when unforeseen, uncovered events occur it is hard to know if the right repair is being done at the right price.

By working with us, you gain access to virtually all licensed service centers in Canada, so that no matter where your vehicles are at any given time, they have access to repair facilities that are tracked by our team for cost and service. Each maintenance event is monitored by a licensed technician who has access to each vehicle’s complete maintenance history. This process ensures you are only paying for what is necessary at the lowest possible cost. And with the help of our team, we keep your vehicle downtime to a minimum, getting you back on the road earning revenue as soon as possible.

New vehicles are eligible to enroll in our Full Maintenance program at a low, fixed monthly rate, dependent on vehicle and mileage pattern. Our licensed technicians monitor repairs ensuring you only pay for what’s necessary, keep vehicle downtime minimal and get your drivers back on the road without the hassle. Another option is our Maintenance Management program, allowing you the same access to service centers and the monitoring by our licensed technicians. Your transactions are managed for you with a consolidated monthly statement outlining activity and billing, greatly reducing the administrative work that goes into managing your fleet vehicle costs. Last year alone, we saved our customers over $24 million in repairs and maintenance. Our program gives you the control you need, while providing your drivers an easy way to get the maintenance necessary for their vehicles at a convenient location.


Fuel is often the largest operating expense within a company’s fleet. That’s why tracking it accurately is so important when it comes to saving you money. With great tracking and spending controls and exception reporting, you’ll be able to make better decisions at the pump.

With one card, you gain access to virtually all gas stations, making it convenient for your drivers to fill up and giving you oversight and control over every transaction. Many companies feel they don’t have much control over fuel, but by monitoring fuel type, non-fueling transactions, time of fueling transactions, and number of litres purchased, they are often surprised by how much they stand to save at the pump. Our reporting allows you to monitor the exceptions that make sense for your company, making controlling cost easy.

Having the means to monitor fuel also allows you to track fuel economy, which is the best way to drive down expense over time. Aging vehicles that lose fuel economy over time support the decision to update to newer models with better fuel economy, which ultimately drives down costs. Knowing when to replace versus continuing to hold on to vehicles is a great way to improve your bottom line, and can be best achieved with expertise provided by our experienced fleet managers.


Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive program that takes all aspects of the cost to manage your vehicles into consideration. Clearly, the longer you hold on to a vehicle, the longer you can spread the cost of the vehicle over time. But when you take core operating expenses like fuel and maintenance into consideration, that true holding expense tends to level out on an annual basis. It’s important to take all your costs in both vehicle and operating expense into consideration to determine the right time to replace aged vehicles.

Our account team works with you to understand your true cost of ownership, not only over a vehicle’s life, but what it costs to operate your fleet on an annual basis. Subsequently, we go to work to customize a vehicle replacement plan that serves the operating needs of your company at the lowest possible cost. When choosing to partner with Enterprise, you gain a fleet manager without adding to your payroll, allowing your team to focus on what serves you best – your customers.


Keeping track of all the transactions that make up your total cost of ownership and setting up the procedures to monitor them is not easy. Enterprise offers the systems and the expertise to represent your company’s checkbook to not only save you money, but allow your team to focus on what is most important – your customers.


One of the most important steps to optimizing your fleet’s potential is choosing the right vehicles. We’ve got the vehicle selection tools and industry experience to help you make the right choice.


Enterprise has been helping the needs of local and state municipalities as well as the nonprofit community for over 55 years. We understand the needs of your organization and are committed to assisting you in the management and reduction of core expenses, freeing up cash to invest in the people you serve.


Many businesses choose to offer their employees an allowance or mileage reimbursement to avoid having to manage company vehicles. Enterprise not only helps you evaluate your options to see the most cost effective approach, but offers you a fleet manager who handles all the details of managing your vehicles, eliminating the need for you to add staff.