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Fleet Management Cost Savings

Saving money and reducing clients’ expenses to operate their company’s vehicles is what Enterprise Fleet Management does every day. Last year alone, we saved our clients over $24.3 million in maintenance and repair costs and another $45 million in vehicle acquisition costs through manufacturer incentives. Just like you’re an expert in your field, Enterprise Fleet Management is the expert in managing vehicle fleets.

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Savings start with knowing what you’re paying today to operate your fleet. At Enterprise Fleet Management that’s knowing your TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP.

Total Cost of Buy & Hold For a 1/2 Ton Pickup

Source: Internal Data
· Total amount is determined without consideration for income tax, time value of money (present value) concepts or inflation.

· Assumes a holding period of 8 years at 40,000 km per year

Managing vehicle expenses requires you to consider many factors from acquisition to operating expenses, like insurance, maintenance and fuel all the way through to the resale. To achieve consistent service to your clients, ongoing evaluation and proactive fleet management is imperative. By outsourcing this process to Enterprise’s local experts, your fleet will operate efficiently and at a lower TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP.

The direct and indirect expenses of purchasing and operating your vehicles can be difficult to track and even more challenging to manage day to day. Compound that effort across an entire fleet of vehicles – the expenses, time to manage and inefficiencies really add up.

Enterprise Fleet Management provides a consultative approach that starts with a Fleet Analysis to calculate your current TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP. Once you understand how you are spending your resources, our dedicated account team will make recommendations on ways to gain efficiencies – not just in hard dollars, but in administrative time and more time on the road for your vehicles. At Enterprise Fleet Management, our goal is to provide you with the tools to make informed decisions.

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Enterprise has reduced the acquisition and operating expenses for thousands of companies across a broad range of industries – building, construction, engineering, hospice, home healthcare, plumbing, pest and security, non-profit, oil and gas and more.

You may not think of your company’s vehicles as a fleet, but if you are managing or reimbursing employees driving 20 vehicles or more, Enterprise Fleet Management can help you find savings.


With a clear understanding of your fleet, a local Enterprise Account Representative will work with you to develop a customized fleet plan to address your company’s unique situation and goals. Your Fleet Management professional will provide recommendations across the entire spectrum of your fleet, and will demonstrate in hard numbers, what your plan will result in terms of savings.

The fleet recommendations you implement is completely up to you. When you partner with Enterprise Fleet Management, you are in control. You are never required to get rid of a vehicle or perform specific maintenance or repairs. They’re your vehicles, so you make the call.

And since we’re an affiliate of Enterprise Holdings, you can be confident that our local fleet managers are dedicated to providing you the highest level of service while searching out every dollar that your business can save, reducing cost and operational stress.

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No other Fleet Management provider has level of local coverage of Enterprise Fleet Management with over 1,090 field personnel in 55 offices across North America.

Enterprise evaluates and approves all proposed maintenance on our vehicles to assure we are paying only for necessary services.


Keeping track of all the transactions that make up your total cost of ownership and setting up the procedures to monitor them is not easy. Enterprise offers the systems and the expertise to represent your company’s checkbook to not only save you money, but allow your team to focus on what is most important – your customers.


One of the most important steps to optimizing your fleet’s potential is choosing the right vehicles. We’ve got the vehicle selection tools and industry experience to help you make the right choice.


Tracking and analysis of your fleet’s operations day-to-day and throughout its entire lifecycle gives you confidence that you are making the right decisions to operate at the lowest possible cost.


Enterprise has been helping the needs of local and state municipalities as well as the non-profit community for over 58 years. We understand the needs of your organization and are committed to assisting you in the management and reduction of core expenses, freeing up cash to invest in the people you serve.


Many businesses choose to offer their employees an allowance or mileage reimbursement to avoid having to manage company vehicles. Enterprise not only helps you evaluate your options to see the most cost effective approach, but offers you a fleet manager who handles all the details of managing your vehicles, eliminating the need for you to add staff.