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Proactive Maintenance and Risk Management

Proactive Maintenance and risk management

Safety starts with proactive vehicle maintenance. Enterprise will ensure your vehicles are always in good working order my monitoring and tracking maintenance needs. As an Enterprise Fleet Management client, you and your drivers have access to a nationwide network of 55,325 fleet service centers, all of which are regularly evaluated on cost and service. If an accident should occur, we’ll handle your claim quickly. Our I-CAR certified Claims Support Coordinators provide 24/7 accident roadside assistance, insurance claims handling and more.

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Tools to Identity At-Risk Drivers

Tools to identity at-risk drivers

Many clients who employ drivers with serious moving violations often perform, on average, more than 20 points worse in loss ratio results than clients whose employees have clean driving records. Using Samba Safety, Enterprise provides the visibility you need to identify at-risk drivers, assess individual driver performance, reduce accidents, and enforce driver policies.

See how we do it with vehicle accident management. 

Telematics for Safety Monitoring

Telematics For Safety Monitoring

A small plug-and-play telematics device can provide real-time risk and safety reports, in-vehicle coaching, accident notifications, insights on seatbelt usage, and more. Our fleet telematics data captures details needed to improve safety and monitor driver compliance.

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ASE-Certified Representatives for Better Maintenance

ASE-Certified Representatives for better maintenance

All of Enterprise’s maintenance representatives are ASE certified to negotiate the right work – at the right price – on behalf of you and your drivers. They know what your vehicles need and what they don’t, ensuring you don’t spend time or money on unnecessary repairs or services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Fleet Safety and why is it important?

Fleet Safety creates policies and procedures to reduce risks, lower costs, improve driver performance, and meet compliance guidelines. It is important because it provides structure, guidance, and promotes a safe environment for drivers.

What are the benefits of a Fleet Safety program?

A Fleet Safety program has many benefits such as improved safety standards and fleet efficiency, lower accident rates which keeps more vehicles utilized, increased employee satisfaction, reduction in employee downtime due to accidents and lower insurance costs.

What are Fleet Safety policies?

Fleet safety policies are one of the pieces crucial to the success of an organization. They consist of regulatory and safety information that help maintain a safe and efficient work environment. Common policies include, but not limited to: Hours of Operation compliance, driver safety, parking regulations, usage of vehicles outside of business hours, and more.

How is technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) changing the Fleet Safety landscape?

Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) allow fleets to collect data, improved efficiency and helps fleets become safer and smarter.

What are the essential parts of a successful Fleet Safety program?

The essential parts of a effective and successful Fleet Safety program includes establishing written procedures for daily operations, protocols for driver identification and screening, training, managing drivers, plan for vehicle maintenance, handling accidents, and more.

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