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Earn higher returns with a proactive fleet vehicle replacement plan.

Industry Expertise for smarter buying and selling

Industry Expertise for Smarter Buying and Selling

No other company buys and sells more vehicles than Enterprise. We bring that same expertise and automotive market influence to every one of our clients. Your dedicated client strategy manager has deep industry knowledge, and knows how vehicle needs and pricing change by season and by industry. Let us do the negotiating to find the best priced vehicles for your business.  

Explore our approach to acquiring and replacing vehicles.

Proactive approach built on data

Proactive approach built on data

Planning and continuous improvement using data to review and revise your fleet plan ensures you aren’t waiting until it’s too late to replace – or too expensive to buy. Our expansive purchase, sales and maintenance data informs our decisions on when to buy and sell to optimize your ROI. Daily monitoring with software and analytics ensure you’re buying and selling vehicles at the right time to lower your total cost of fleet ownership.

Discover our proactive fleet management strategies and tools. 

Flexibility to replace when you need to

Flexibility to replace when you need to

Enterprise offers flexible vehicle financing options to ensure you aren’t locked in to a buying and selling strategy or vehicles that no longer work for your business. Our customizable financing plans typically include unlimited mileage, no abnormal wear and tear clauses, term flexibility, cash options, and the ability to unload vehicles without penalty if your business needs change.

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Higher Returns

Higher Returns

Fleet resale values are often overlooked as a key factor in the total cost of owning company vehicles. Our national network of vehicle disposal and remarketing experts will work to ensure you earn the highest possible resale value for your fleet vehicles, regardless of age, mileage and condition. Our network of buyers is the largest in the industry, giving your vehicles optimal market exposure to maximize returns.

Learn more about our strategies for achieving higher returns.

Insights from our fleet management experts.

Annual Reviews

Using our Total Cost of Ownership tool and other technologies, your client strategy manager will help you make better decisions year-round, using annual reviews as a milestone checkpoint for fleet planning. During the review, our Cost Going Forward calculator will give you an in-depth analysis of your fleet usage, expenditures, needs, and insight into industry benchmarks and recommendations. You’ll also document future goals to develop the best possible fleet cycling plan for the future of the fleet.

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