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Manage a government fleet more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Cost Effective Alternatives to Ownership

Cost Effective Alternatives to ownership

Government organizations don’t always have the capital to replace aging fleet vehicles at the optimal time. Enterprise can help you reduce the age of your fleet within your budget by moving you from an owned, buy-and-hold fleet management approach to a more flexible program with a shortened cycle, meaning you can have newer – and safer vehicles – for the same investment (or less).

Your dedicated, local Client Strategy Manager will provide a Fleet Cost Analysis showing the financial benefits of replacing vehicles, as well as the sustained average savings once all of your vehicles are newer and more reliable.  We’ll also help you navigate county, government and municipality approval.

Discover our approach to acquiring and replacing fleet vehicles.

More Capital for Other Projects

More capital for other projects

Enterprise Fleet Management helps you free up capital for other important projects or initiatives. Leasing provides greater cash flow benefits, and greater savings from reduced maintenance and fuel expenses. By acquiring vehicles with Enterprise Fleet Management, you aren’t restricted to public auctions and can take advantage of multiple resale channels for higher returns. 

Learn how Enterprise negotiates costs to save you money. 

No Manufacturer or Dealer Restrictions

No Manufacturer or dealer restrictions

Enterprise Fleet Management has relationships with virtually all manufacturers and your local dealers. Rather than focusing on vehicle purchase prices alone, we’ll research and recommend the best options for your department and application – taking into consideration existing grants, relationships, and the lowest total cost of ownership, regardless of the supplier. 

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Vehicle Tracking and Compliance Management

Vehicle Tracking and Compliance Management

We’ll help you make better, easier decisions with data. Our mobile tracking technology and telematics offer insights into which vehicles are underutilized and why, ensuring you’re getting the right value out of every vehicle. Track individual performance and driver habits to ensure safety, manage risk, and ensure taxpayer-funded vehicles are used appropriately. We can also help you assign and track driver training to reinforce fleet vehicle policies. 

Explore our fleet telematics solution.

Reduced Maintenance Backlog

Reduced Maintenance Backlog

Often, government organizations and entities face frustrating maintenance backlogs due to the volume of equipment and vehicles needing service, as well as staff shortages at in-house maintenance facilities. While Enterprise won’t replace your in-house maintenance facility, we can free up your mechanics’ time by taking over maintenance of light-duty vehicles that are often pushed to the back of the line for more mission-critical vehicles and equipment. 

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Outsourcing: An Untapped Government Fleet Strategy

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With mounting pressures to deliver quality service, government organizations may experience hurdles when it comes to managing its vehicles effectively. Outsourcing the management of the fleet of vehicles can provide several benefits to the organization.

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