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Reduce fleet costs and operating expenses.

In 2023, Enterprise Fleet Management Delivered:

$77 Million

in total maintenance and repair savings

$96 Million

in manufacturer incentives passed directly to customers

More than

$30 Million

 in negotiated savings for repairs

Resale of more than

115,000 customer vehicles

at an average of 105% above Black Book's CVI.

Right-Sizing Fleet Vehicles

Right-sizing fleet vehicles

Enterprise will evaluate your specific applications and vehicle utilization to right-size vehicles and your overall fleet, ensuring you avoid unnecessary costs due to excessive maintenance or fuel costs, or even an excess of vehicles. We’ll also help you select the right vehicle for the right job, without any of the unnecessary, expensive upgrades or options. Youonly pay for what you want.

Explore our fleet planning technology and tools.

Pricing Analysis and Negotiation

Pricing Analysis and Negotiation

After evaluating options from vehicle manufacturers, including model and equipment packages, we’ll help you secure the maximum value in OEM incentives. We’ll also evaluate every vehicle’s future resale value, and find flexible financing options tailored to your budget and cash flow needs.

Learn more about how we negotiate pricing.

Ensuring Higher Resale Values

Ensuring Higher Resale Values

We’ll plan and coordinate the best time to sell your vehicle to obtain the highest resale value. Using our network of thousands of dealers, we’ll also provide optimal exposure through multiple resale channels. Our approach outperforms industry benchmarks for vehicle resale values by up to 10%. And by helping you keep your vehicles in good working order through our maintenance management program, we’ll ensure you maximize your return when it’s time to sell.

View our approach to buying and selling.

Proactive Savings with Software and Analytics

Proactive Savings with Software and Analytics

Enterprise Fleet Management’s tools and technology, including our Total Cost of Ownership tool, will you maximize performance and reduce risks that could have a financial impact on your business, from vehicle damage to general liability concerns. Our analytics also provide real-time fleet cost insights, taking into account mileage reports, driver downtime, vehicle depreciation, and more.

Discover our proactive fleet management strategies and tools.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Enterprise saves clients millions of dollars in maintenance expenses every year through price negotiations, warranty checks, and our National Service Department staffed by team of ASE-certified technicians. Our team reviews all parts and labor estimates before a shop starts work to ensure you’re paying a fair price, and that the work recommended for your fleet vehicles is necessary and appropriate for each vehicle’s age, mileage and warranty. Our technicians work directly with local account managers to identify when your aging vehicles are causing a cost burden due to increased maintenance needs.

Explore our maintenance management programs.

Fuel and Purchase Management

Fuel and Purchase Management

Our fuel management program and fuel cards provide immediate savings by using a massive network of fuel providers and enabling you to set purchase limits, control the type and quantity of fuel drivers purchase, and manage non-authorized purchases. We can also help you set up alerts to identify driver purchases or maintenance transactions requiring approval.

See our fuel management solutions.

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

What you see is what you get. When you work with us, you won’t find surprise upcharges. That makes it easier for you to project your long-term spending. We’ve found it also helps us maintain stronger, more trusted partnerships.

Learn what transparent pricing means to us.

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