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Keep your drivers in the loop.

Keep your drivers in the loop.

As with any big change, the move to EVs is bound to cause both excitement and anxiety. Concerns about range and charging time are very real. It's important to schedule communications and training throughout the process. These simple steps can go a long way toward building driver confidence and satisfaction.

These are some of the common questions we’ve have heard from clients and their drivers about the electric vehicles.

Is driving an EV any different?

In general, driving an EV feels very similar to a conventional vehicle. You may even notice EVs accelerate faster from a stop—and they are very quiet on the road.

What about range and charging?

Just as you need to monitor your gas tank, you will need to keep an eye on your battery level. The charging infrastructure also continues to grow, with many public charging points available in addition to your employer’s private chargers. You may also be able to charge your vehicle at home.

What about maintenance?

EVs may be different mechanically compared to traditional ICE vehicles, but preventive maintenance is still just as important. Tires, brakes, and fluids should still be checked on a regular basis to keep your vehicle running smoothly. As your fleet evolves, so will Enterprise Fleet Management’s National Service Department and Maintenance programs.

What if I break down or have an accident?

As with any accident or break down, safety is priority one. Rest assured, today’s EVs are equipped with special safety features that protect you and first responders from high voltage. As fleets continue to electrify, roadside assistance providers will need to evolve with EV capabilities to help you get vehicles and drivers can back on the road quickly.

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