When Does an Organization need Professional Fleet management Services?


Any organization that has 15 or more vehicles should consider partnering with a fleet management company.

A professional fleet management company can help if:

  • Your organization has more than 15 vehicles for daily operations.
  • Your organization is expanding and you are looking for new vehicles.   
  • Your vehicles are older and need maintenance and repair work.
  • You would like to proactively monitor and anticipate your vehicle needs.
  • You're looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your vehicles.
  • You would like to reduce vehicle expenses.  
  • Your current vehicles don’t properly represent your brand and services.
  • You would like vehicle tracking and reporting software.
  • You would like to order vehicles directly from the manufacturer. 
  • You’re looking to switch from a mileage reimbursement program to increase brand recognition and employee retention.


For more tips, download and read our whitepaper:
Factors to Consider when deciding to partner with a Fleet Management Company

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