Bilmin Company, Inc. experienced resale value of the company’s used vehicles at 110% over Black Book Values.


Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Industry: HVAC Service and Construction

Total vehicles: 53 vehicles



Senior management had to take time away from their core HVAC service and construction responsibilities to focus on maintaining, repairing and replacing their aging fleet. Bilmin Co. was also unsure about leasing their vehicles as this industry has heavy wear and tear on vehicles.


Enterprise Fleet Management was able to provide Bilmin Co. with a managed vehicle solution. This freed up senior management’s time to refocus on running their business. A cycling plan was introduced and immediate savings were realized by creating a fleet plan and direct ordering new vehicles to take advantage of manufacturer incentives. Additional cost and time savings, along with greater efficiencies were found by implementing the Maintenance Management and Full Maintenance program. Increased resale values of used company vehicles were also experienced by leveraging the Enterprise remarketing team.


After implementing a managed vehicle program, Bilmin Co. was able to drastically reduce the amount of administrative time spent managing the fleet. The company also experienced a reduction in fleet operating expenses. Bilmin Co. is now able to acquire a newer, modern fleet which improved its company image and employee morale.

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