Camrose County Modernizes Fleet, Saves $24,000 in One Year


Location: Camrose, Alberta

Fleet Size: 28 Vehicles

Industry: County Government


Faced with an aging fleet and a tight budget, Camrose County struggled to update their vehicles, contributing to high fuel and maintenance costs.


Enterprise Fleet Management enabled Camrose County to maximize their budget, leasing more vehicles and modernizing their fleet efficiently.


The impact was immediate and remarkable. In just one year, Camrose County achieved $24,000 in savings by acquiring 12 new vehicles. This strategic move not only reduced expenses, but also rejuvenated their fleet, reducing the average vehicle age from 8 years to 4.5 years. Impressively, their monthly depreciation rate turned into a monthly credit of $100. Additionally, Enterprise Fleet Management’s robust remarketing team played a crucial role in helping Camrose County realize $478,000 in gains from selling 19 vehicles, an average resale price of $46,770 each.

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