Clay Township Increases Fleet Size While Shrinking Fleet Costs


Location: Clay Township, MI

Fleet Size: 20 Vehicles

Industry: Government/City


Clay Township was persistently challenged to provide the proper number of vehicles for its staff. The rise in maintenance and repair costs only made the problem more difficult to resolve. With an average vehicle age of 8 years and without a sound replacement plan, the township felt stuck with its current continually aging fleet.


Enterprise Fleet Management was able to provide a budget-friendly solution to lease vehicles for 5 years. Enterprise’s 10-year plan will enable the township to order 9 replacement vehicles right away. Additionally, by outsourcing maintenance, Clay Township will realize additional savings that will help provide more vehicles to its staff.


During the first year of the partnership, the township leased 9 vehicles through Enterprise and used their remarketing team to sell 12 vehicles to right-size their fleet. The 10-year plan is estimated to generate over $400,000 in total savings, including an additional $58,000 in resale gains.

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