Clearbrook realized resale gains of over $100k after implementing a managed fleet program.


Location: Arlington Heights, IL

Industry: Non-Profit

Total vehicles: 115 vehicles



Prior to working with Enterprise Fleet Management, Clearbrook had inefficiencies in its fleet program. It was unable to track or control operating costs, and it used a lease arrangement that didn’t yield Clearbrook any resale gains.


Enterprise provided Clearbrook with a comprehensive fleet program. Through Enterprise’s relationships, Clearbrook was able to secure greater incentives and lower its vehicle acquisition cost. A proactive vehicle replacement plan was developed to better track, control, and budget for the fleet. Maintenance and fuel programs were implemented to monitor and minimize operating expenses. Clearbrook switched to an open-end lease structure to allow flexibility and give equity back to the organization at the end of the lease term.


Since partnering with Enterprise, Clearbrook has saved over $375,000 in private rebates. Over $100,000 was saved by leveraging Enterprise’s remarketing experts and adjusting the lease structure. By proactively planning and budgeting fleet expenses, senior management has experienced cost savings, while focusing more time and effort on serving its clients.

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