Columbia County expects to save over $320,000 with Enterprise’s Program.


Location: Hudson, NY

Industry: Government

Total vehicles: 124 vehicles



Columbia County's budget was being negatively impacted by an aging fleet. Almost half of the county’s fleet was 10 years or older. The county would only purchase new vehicles when broken-down vehicles were inoperable, creating unpredictable capital expenses.


Columbia County partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management to reducethe average age of the fleet. Enterprise proposed a plan that would allow the county to replace vehicles every five years. In addition, the county would be able to gain over $200,000 in capital from the resale of the existing vehicles,over a five-year span.


The county's new vehicles have driven down fuel expenses with increased fuel efficiency – reducing overall maintenance expenses and decreasing vehicle downtime. All of this, coupled with an annual fleet evaluation to continually assess the county’s costs has simplified operations and improved the county image.

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