Domino’s Pizza/Team Goliath, Inc: Domino’s Pizza franchisee lowered their cost per mile by 30% by moving to a delivery fleet model


Location: Lexington, KY

Fleet Size: 100+ Vehicles

Industry: Restaurant/Food & Beverage


Christian and Stephanie Reisch are the co-owners of Team Goliath, Inc. doing business as Domino’s Pizza. Despite paying more than the recommended mileage reimbursement amount to their delivery drivers, Team Goliath found themselves served with a $4.5 million lawsuit. They chose to settle the lawsuit out of court to preserve business continuity. This experience prompted them to seek a solution to free them from the traditional pay-for-mileage delivery model.


Team Goliath partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management to lease over 100 new Nissan Sentras to serve the delivery needs of their 14 stores in and around Lexington, KY. Acting on Enterprise’s recommendation, they equipped the cars with Geotab GO devices and Surfsight cameras. This technology provides critical insights for reinforcing safe driving behaviors and delivers real-time alerts on issues with their delivery cars, so they can take swift action on incidents and repairs with the help of the Enterprise team.


Leasing a fleet of delivery cars through Enterprise Fleet Management has eliminated any worry about future mileage-related lawsuits for the Team Goliath. It has also boosted peace of mind when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

With Geotab and Surfsight video technology, Team Goliath gain a layer of data that protects their drivers and their brand. During the time they’ve been running Surfsight cameras, their delivery cars have been involved in 15 accidents -- and in 12 of those incidents the cameras proved the other drivers were at fault. In the few instances where their drivers were at fault, the Reisches avoided wasting time and money investigating or defending cases. They simply paid the claim and moved on.

Overall, Team Goliath has reduced their yearly insurance costs by $100,000, cut their per-mile costs by 30%, and eliminated mileage theft.

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