HVAC Contractor Standardizes Fleet and Saves $150,000 in Vehicle Acquisition Costs


Location: Kingston, ON

Industry: HVAC Contractor

Total vehicles: 24 vehicles

URL: https://www.havenhomeclimatecare.ca/


HVAC Contractor, Haven Home, was spending a considerable amount of time managing its aging vehicles. Maintenance and fuel costs were increasing annually, which was unsustainable as the business continued to grow.

The Solution

Haven Home and Enterprise Fleet Management evaluated the fleet and realized the benefits of acquiring a more uniformed fleet, which would save time and money with a proactive purchase and resale approach. Haven Home customized the new vehicles to fit their service needs and offered employees safer vehicles.


Haven Home has a more unified fleet, it went from owning seven different types of cargo vans down to four. By right-fitting the fleet, Haven Home has saved more than $150,000 in vehicle acquisition costs. Operating newer vehicles has reduced annual maintenance expenses by $18,000 and significantly reduced maintenance downtime. Home Haven has lowered their annual fuel spend by $1,400 per unit since the onset of the partnership. The company spends less time managing its fleet and more time focusing on its customers.

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