Hoist & Crane Service Group saved over 12% in vehicle acquisition.


Location: New Orleans, LA

Industry: Lifting Equipment Service and Repairs

Total vehicles: 163 vehicles

URL: https://www.hoistcrane.com/


Hoist & Crane Service Group’s (HCSG) sales force was expanding and the governmental cents per mile reimbursement program was becoming expensive and difficult to monitor. Additionally, employees operating their personal vehicles created an inconsistent brand image as well as safety and insurance concerns.


Since Enterprise Fleet Management has supported HCSG’s service truck needs for over 18 years, HCSG turned to Enterprise to assist in finding a solution. By performing a comprehensive cost analysis, it was determined that leasing vehicles for employees traveling in excess of 18,000 miles per year would be a more cost effective program. Additional savings and efficiencies were found by implementing Full Maintenance, Maintenance Management and Risk Management programs.

Hoist & Crane Service


By switching to a leased vehicle program, the overall operating expenses were reduced by 12% resulting in over $44,000 in annual savings. Additionally, managers no longer had to spend time analyzing expense reimbursement reports. Employees were provided with a selector list of sedans and SUV’s which improved both employee satisfaction and retention. The entire sales team was transitioned into a company provided vehicle within two years.

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