Joe Bland Construction increases fleet safety and decreases costs with Enterprise Fleet Management program.


Location: Austin, TX

Industry: Construction / General Contractor

Total vehicles: 48 vehicles


The Problem

Joe Bland Construction (JBC) is a General Contractor that has been serving the Central Texas area since 1996. The company was reimbursing approximately 55 employees for miles driven on personal vehicles. JBC was concerned about the liability and safety concerns of employees driving their own vehicles to the job site. Plus, they wanted to see if there was a lower cost solution compared to expensive reimbursement rates.


Enterprise Fleet Management worked with JBC to analyze the best vehicle program for their business and how to optimize their fleet investment. JBC was able to lower their cost per mile by selecting a fleet of trucks that met their business needs. The government reimbursement rate was $0.56, compared to the $0.34 expense with a new fleet program. The fleet program also reduced their safety concerns by providing each employee with an insured, company owned vehicle.


After two years of implementing the Enterprise Fleet Management program, JBC has seen a reduction of $50,000 for annual vehicle operating expenses. Through Enterprise Fleet Management’s expertise, JBC has saved an average of $15,000 dollars in vehicle purchases. In addition to the savings, employees have expressed the benefits of getting a new truck every few years without having to worry about maintenance and fuel charges. The fleet program has reduced costs and given management a peace of mind in regards to vehicle management.

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