Utility Services Firm Saves $530,000 in Vehicle Acquisition Costs


Location: Stouffville, ON

Industry: Utility Services

Total vehicles: 115 vehicles

URL: https://k-line.ca/


K-Line operates a nationwide utility firm with a dispersed fleet. All vehicles were being managed from the company’s main location, which caused issues as the aged fleet started to need more services and repairs. K-Line was seeking professional help to keep its vehicles maintained.

The Solution

Through multiple planning sessions, Enterprise Fleet Management identified which vehicles in the fleet posed the most risk for downtime and high maintenance costs. Additionally, many vehicles were incorrectly equipped for the job application, impacting total fleet expenses.


K-Line worked with Enterprise to right-type the fleet based on usage and job requirements. By developing a proactive vehicle replacement strategy, Enterprise was able to secure$530,000 in manufacturer incentives to lower total acquisition costs. Vehicles are replaced around 100,000 KM improving the resale value. The average age of the company's vehicles has been reduced by 6 years. K-Line’s in-house maintenance shop has been able to reallocate time and resources to servicing larger equipment instead of routine maintenance for the light-duty fleet.

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