Noodles & Company finds savings and employee satisfaction with Fleet Management versus Reimbursement Program.


Location: Broomfield, CO

Industry: Restaurant

Total vehicles: 130 vehicles



Noodles & Company realized that their competitors were switching from reimbursement plans to fleet management programs. They reached out to Enterprise Fleet Management to understand the benefits of managing a company operated fleet versus are imbursement program, which was proving to be expensive.


Enterprise Fleet Management presented Noodles & Company with a turn-key, cost effective vehicle program. The company was able to take advantage of Enterprise’s manufacturer discounts and offer multiple vehicle options to the company’s employees.

After six years with Enterprise Fleet Management, the program has grown from 30 to 130 vehicles. Each vehicle includes maintenance and fuel programs to alleviate the time and management of all reimbursement expenses. Noodles & Company employees also have the option to drive the company car for personal use by paying a monthly copay. The copay covers all of the vehicle’s associated expenses: car payment, maintenance, fuel, insurance, registration,and taxes.


Noodles & Company has saved over $500,000 annually by switching to the fleet management program. Depending on the vehicle, the fleet’s cost per mile can be as low as $0.29 versus the government reimbursement cost of $0.54. The option for employees to purchase their vehicle near wholesale value has also proven to be a great retention tool for the company.

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