Orangutan finds over $300,000 in vehicle savings with the help of Enterprise.


Location: Tempe, AZ

Industry: Energy & Utilities

Total vehicles: 53 vehicles

URL: http://www.oservice.com/


Orangutan was faced with a fleet of older vehicles that were being underutilized due to frequent downtime. The company’s vehicles were inefficient and needed a lot of maintenance repairs. Since the vehicles had such high mileage, the company was also seeing an increase in fuel expenses. Orangutan wanted to replace its vehicles, but needed the expertise and guidance necessary to make the best investment possible.


Enterprise Fleet Management’s analysis of Orangutan’s fleet presented the company with an opportunity to regain equity from their aging fleet and invest that money towards a reliable and more fuel efficient fleet of vehicles. The newer, more reliable vehicles saved the company from its normally high maintenance and fuel expenses. It also saved the company from paying insurance towards unnecessary, spare vehicles.

The flexible funding options offered by Enterprise Fleet Management, as well as the additional benefits of partnering with an established fleet management company enabled Orangutan to upgrade their entire fleet and put money back into their business.


With the help of Enterprise Fleet Management’s team, Orangutan sold all of its existing vehicles at a higher than average rate. With the success in vehicle resale, Orangutan was able to invest in new vehicles, as well as a make a $35,000 cash deposit into the business. By offering employees new, more fuel efficient vehicles, Orangutan saved more than $260,000 in fuel expenses over the year.

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