Safeguard Security saved over $100,000 after implementing a fleet management program.


Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Industry: Commercial and Residential Security

Total vehicles: 83 vehicles




For almost 20 years, Safeguard Security managed their fleet maintenance at their own in-house facility. They were convinced the convenience combined with the direct visibility into the condition of their trucks was worth the cost of running their own shop.



Enterprise Fleet Management worked with Safeguard on a cost comparison. While at first maintaining at their own maintenance facility seemed to be a convenience it was realized to be costly and time consuming.

Enterprise’s maintenance experts began policing fleet maintenance, instilled confidence that repairs would be priced fairly, and only necessary work would be completed.

Safeguard Security


Without the need for a large fleet maintenance operation that included full-time mechanics, high dollar repair shop equipment and repair shop parts inventory, Safeguard has calculated their annual savings to exceed $100,000.

With Enterprise’s help, quality full service shops throughout Safeguard’s territory were identified. This also boosted productivity because their technicians are no longer losing billable hours to travel to/from a centralized shop.

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Enterprise owns and expertly operates a 2-million-vehicle fleet. At Enterprise Fleet Management, we take that expertise and infrastructure and use it to help people like you manage their fleets, too.

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