Clearview Township replaces vehicles and saves $200,000 on Acquisition Costs


Location: Stayner, ON

Industry: Township Government

Total vehicles: 39 vehicles



Clearview Township needed to improve the management of their aging fleet vehicles and reduce costs. The pandemic presented budgeting constraints impacting the township’s ability to replace vehicles.

The Solution

Clearview Township partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management, which was referred by an affinity program with the LAS and the Canoe Procurement Group. The Enterprise team presented a proactive vehicle replacement plan to build fleet equity, also incorporating a vehicle maintenance program to reduce administrative strain on the township.


Through the Enterprise Fleet Management plan, Clearview Township was able to recognize over $200,000 in acquisition savings while also unlocking over $120,000 in vehicle resale equity. Because vehicles are replaced more frequently, the average age of the fleet has improved by 7 model years, and the average odometer reading improved by 90%. Enterprise’s proactive strategy long-term will help the township improve cash flow and provide peace of mind for their employees and vehicles through the effective management of maintenance, fuel, and depreciation costs.

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