Well Care Home Health saves $107,000 annually by switching to leased vehicle program.


Location: Wilmington, NC

Industry: Home Health

Total vehicles: 53 vehicles

URL: https://www.wellcarehealth.com/


Before partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, Well Care Home Health was reimbursing their RN’s for business miles driven. This resulted in a non-uniform fleet, inconsistent brand image, a financial burden on their team and the company experienced higher than desired downtime.


Well Care recognized the importance of offering a competitive benefits package to attract top talent, which includes a company vehicle program. Enterprise worked with Well Care on a cost comparison and identified a leased vehicle program would provide tremendous administrative, time and cost savings.

The company also implemented a fuel card and Full Maintenance program to better budget and control vehicle maintenance expenses.

Well Care Home Health


By switching from a reimbursement model to a leased vehicle program, Well Care saves over $107,000 annually. Additional savings and efficiencies were realized through maintenance and fuel programs. The new vehicles featured “wraps” which provide consistent branding. By offering uniform, well-maintained company vehicles, Well Care increased employee retention and productivity, as well as positive company image. All of these factors had a significant reduction against their bottom line.

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