Automated and Connected Cars - Cyber-Security for the Future

Starting in January 2019, Transport Canada has launched a consultation on Cyber-Security of Automated and Connected Vehicles. Transport Canada seeks stakeholder views on potential cyber-security approaches for AV/CVs in areas including legislation and regulations, standards, guidance, information sharing, education and training, and testing and research.

Automated and connected vehicles (AV/CVs) may potentially be safer, greener, and more efficient. As AV/CVs become more prevalent and accessible, regulations may be necessary to ensure that safety at all levels, including cybersecurity, is observed to the highest standard.

Through this discovery process, Canada is one of the first nations to take this approach to these vehicles to understand the longer-term impact and creating sustainable outlooks for the future.

This framework will address automated vehicle features that offer conditional driving automation, high driving automation, and full driving automation. Vehicles that are in the market place today, which give drivers features like cruise control and lane and parking assistance are not included in this scope. Connected vehicle features allow two-way information to be transferred from one car to another surrounding vehicles or infrastructure.