British Columbia Grows Electric Vehicle Charging Network

The CleanBC plan is working to cut pollution by 2040. Every car sold in British Columbia will be zero-emissions by 2040. Plans are moving forward at an aggressive pace to build a province-wide charging station infrastructure. As of July, 12 stations have been completed. The majority of them are equipped with direct-current (DC) charging ports that allow drivers to fully charge in approximately half an hour.

These 12 charging stations are an addition to their existing 1,700 networks throughout BC. 



Enterprise Fleet Management Solution: 

Sometimes, for organizations, a barrier to integrating Electric Vehicles into a fleet is when and where to charge them. With more infrastructure upgrades happening in provinces across Canada and parts of the U.S., organizations are finding it a non-issue to integrate electric vehicles. Your Client Strategy Manager will help you understand sustainable vehicle solutions, associated incentives and what makes the most sense for your business.