Fleets Feel Pressure of Increasing Cost on Budgets

Rising fleet management expenses are becoming ever more challenging for fleet managers due to several factors, leading them to seek ways to address them. The scarcity of new vehicles for purchase is causing businesses to retain their existing fleets for a more extended period, leading to increased repair costs due to aging vehicles. Additionally, a shortage of skilled technicians in the industry is leading to increased labor expenses, and to make matters worse, the problem is further accentuated by continuing inflation.

While several factors are currently impacting fleet management expenses, focusing on maintenance is one of the key ways to combat some challenges. Properly maintained fleets have fewer expensive repairs, greater fuel efficiency, and increased resale value. We recommend taking the following measures to improve fleet maintenance:

  • Monitoring oil change alerts within the client website can help ensure that vehicles are receiving the correct service interval.
  • Taking vehicles to a full-service repair facility every third oil change can help alert to worn parts before they cause harm and increase repair expenses.
  • Enrolling your fleet in an Enterprise Fleet Management Maintenance Plan means your maintenance and repair requirements will be handled by our team of ASE-trained technicians, ensuring that costs and performance are accurate.

Enterprise is committed to helping our clients reduce fleet management expenses while never compromising on our superior
service standards.

Source: www.automotive-fleet.com