Tips to Improve Fuel Efficiency for Drivers

With no control over the price of fuel, fleets are often looking for ways to improve fuel spend and reduce costs. Aero devices, low rolling resistance tires, and setting engine parameters are a few ways to improve fuel efficiency. However, altering driving habits offers the biggest improvements to a fleet’s fuel consumption, and comes at no additional cost to the vehicle. Slowing down, reducing unnecessary braking and acceleration, and limiting idle time are all great ways to reduce fuel consumption. Read on for more details. The American Truck Business Service (ATBS) states that “improving your fuel economy by 1mpg can save you over $10,000 per year.” The article goes on to say that value is per truck for fleet managers of the class 7 and 8 vehicles. Ultimately, the opportunity for Fleet Managers and Drivers to make small changes can have large bottom-line impacts that can help to lessen the burden of macro-economic factors.

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