Enterprise Fleet Management Scores More ASE World Class Technician Awards

Date: March 22, 2019

ST. LOUIS (Mar. 22, 2019) – Of the estimated 879,000 technicians working in the United States, less than 1 percent have received the prestigious World Class Technician Award presented by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and the Auto Care Association.

Enterprise Fleet Management, which operates one of the nation's largest automotive service departments, is proud to announce that a total of five of its National Service Department (NSD) technicians have received the ASE World Class Technician designation.

In 2017, Enterprise NSD Customer Support Supervisor Kelley Hatlee was recognized with the award. And four NSD employees just appeared on the 2019 slate of honorees: Account Managers Travis Guenzler and Jason Hodge, National Service Supervisor Ryan Egleston, and Service Advisor Amos Eaton. Combined, the five honorees bring 126 years of automotive experience to Enterprise Fleet Management.

World Class Technician

“This is an incredible honor for our team,” said Tom Gieseking, Vice President of Fleet Operations for Enterprise Fleet Management. “The fact that we now have five ASE World Class Technicians is a huge accomplishment, especially considering only a few dozen were recognized in North America this year. The honor speaks volumes to Enterprise’s commitment to ensuring our clients receive top-notch service.”

To earn the respected status of “World Class Technician,” individuals are required to test and obtain ASE certification in 22 specialty areas. In addition, individuals must acquire the titles of ASE Master Automobile Technician, ASE Master Medium/Heavy-Duty Truck Technician and ASE Master Collision Repair Technician, as well as two advanced level diagnostic certifications in gasoline and diesel engines. Once classified, the World Class distinction is valid for life.

Innovative & Creative Information Technology

Enterprise Fleet Management’s National Service Department comprises more than 100 ASE-certified technicians and has been recognized with the ASE “Blue Seal of Excellence” award for 22 consecutive years, an industry record. In 2016, Enterprise Fleet Management also was named to InformationWeek magazine’s “Elite 100” for setting the bar on innovative and creative information technology (IT) programs that improve business operations.

Enterprise Fleet Management and its affiliate Enterprise Holdings are committed to providing customer service excellence through a continued focus on mobility, technology and innovation. In fact, Enterprise Holdings is a leading venture capital investor in autonomous vehicle, mobility and travel technology businesses. As the mobility landscape evolves and customers’ needs change, such investments have long-term potential to transform the company’s business.

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The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) sets the automotive industry standard for technician certification. The ASE World Class Technician award is the highest honor that can be awarded to technicians who meet the qualifications for automotive service. Having the ASE World Class Technician credential provides assurance to fleet clients that they have access to an incredible wealth of automotive expertise that is the best in the industry.

 But what exactly do Enterprise Fleet Management’s Master Technicians do?

 Enterprise Fleet Management’s National Service Department (NSD) has earned ASE Blue Seal Certification for 22 years in a row.  To earn this honor, at least 75% of technicians performing diagnosis and repairs must be ASE certified and each area of service offered by the business must be covered by at least one ASE certified technician.  The National Service Department is staffed with over 200 employees to serve our clients.  Services include maintenance and repair oversight, cost control, authorization and payment to repair shops, providing recommendations to our clients, engaging support from manufacturers and national account vendors, notifying clients of open safety recalls, and providing roadside assistance.     

 Enterprise Fleet Management’s NSD technicians use their automotive repair and maintenance knowledge every day. Their expertise is used to ensure that clients’ vehicle repairs are quality, on time, and done at the right price. By providing clients with this expert oversight, technicians work to minimize maintenance costs, helping to reduce a vehicle's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Here are some of the main things Enterprise’s NSD technicians consider when reviewing repair estimates:

  • Based on symptoms and/or findings, and what is known about the
    vehicle, Enterprise Fleet Management technicians analyze whether the shop’s diagnosis is accurate. Technical support is provided to ensure that vehicles are fixed the first time to prevent additional repairs, expenses and downtime.
  • While the shop’s repair estimate may be one solution to fix the vehicle’s problem, an Enterprise technician may ask if there are other options to consider? Often, they find that there could be lower cost repair alternatives, which would also meet safety standards.         
  • Do clients understand which of the recommended repairs are the ones that should have the highest priority? Enterprise Fleet Management technicians provide advice to help clients identify which repairs and maintenance items should be addressed first to prevent future issues.
  • Ultimately, this level of support helps keep a vehicle’s TCO expenses balanced and drivers in well-maintained vehicles.


Vehicle maintenance is among the top three costs for fleets. It competes directly with depreciation and fuel expenses. Vehicle maintenance cost is a huge opportunity for most fleets to reduce unnecessary spend if they leverage the service industry expertise to manage the repair process. With help from the ASE World Class Technicians at Enterprise Fleet Management, companies can gain more control over their TCO.

By having ASE World Class Technicians on its National Service Department team, Enterprise Fleet Management can handle all types of repairs for any vehicles. Enterprise Fleet Management’s clients can have peace of mind knowing that they have experts supporting their needs, regardless of the types of vehicles in their fleet. The ASE World Class technicians at Enterprise Fleet Management work to help clients, every day, with any maintenance-related challenge. 

From left to right: Enterprise Fleet Management NSD technicians Travis Guenzler, Jason Hodge, Kelley Hatlee, Amos Eaton and Ryan Egleston.