Florence AZ Expects Savings by Leasing Instead of Buying Vehicles

Date: September 15, 2020

Author: Mark Cowling

Location: Florence, AZ

"FLORENCE — The town could save an estimated $100,000 in maintenance costs in the course of a decade by leasing its vehicles instead of buying them, Public Works Director and Town Engineer Chris Salas told the Town Council.

The council began the program by approving the lease of 17 vehicles with Enterprise Fleet Management for $300,000 at its Sept. 8 meeting. Ten of these will be police cars.

With newer vehicles integrated into the town’s fleet, employees will drive safer, more reliable and more fuel-efficient cars and trucks with minimal maintenance needs, according to a town staff report to the council. The town will be able to reduce the vehicle life cycle by leveraging Enterprise’s infrastructure and economies of scale.

The town has reached out to neighboring cities to discuss their satisfaction with Enterprise and has heard nothing but strong satisfaction in both quality and quantity, the report said.

Salas told the council that town staff evaluated the benefits of leasing, including ongoing maintenance and fuel consumption. The town’s Fleet, Public Works and Finance departments and town administration all participated.“

I believe we’ve had plenty of input from the staff side, poking holes in these ideas and making sure this is the right decision. Because it is a big decision moving forward,” Salas told the council.

Councilwoman Michelle Cordes asked if the town only worked with Enterprise, or if it got bids. Salas replied there wasn’t really a solid competitor that the town could find because Enterprise owns the majority of rental companies."

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