Reassessing Fleet Electrification After a Disruptive Year

Date: March 13, 2024

By: Chris Brown

Publication: Automotive Fleet

“One of this generation’s biggest trends is the electrification of transportation. But with the trillions of dollars being spent and the inescapable media onslaught, separating the electric vehicle hype from reality has never been so difficult — especially for fleets.

Unlike consumers and enthusiasts, fleet operators must manage thousands of vehicles while balancing looming regulations, corporate ESG initiatives, and their organizations’ bottom lines.

The recent negative headlines tell the tale:

The byproduct for fleets could be “electrification exhaustion.”

“As EV adoption has slowed in certain regions of the country and OEMs adjust their product roadmaps according to demand and supply chain constraints, some fleet managers may be hesitant to adopt EVs right now,” said Roan Oropesa, strategic business development director, Enterprise Fleet Management.

“Today, it’s not uncommon to see fleet clients reevaluating their respective plans to determine to what extent electrification makes sense for their business, both now and in the near term,” he said.

Beyond the hype and headlines, where does the market stand in reality? Here’s a snapshot of developments moving the needle to greater EV penetration in fleets — or holding it back.”