Sheriff’s office looking forward to new fleet

Date: Jan 23, 2018

Author: Michaele Duke

“Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office is getting a new fleet of vehicles. The much-needed cruisers and other vehicles are the first in a series of county government vehicles to be spread throughout governmental departments. Williamsburg County Coun-cil voted to contract with Enterprise Fleet Management during a Tuesday, January 16, meeting. The county’s legal counsel will review and make a recommendation. Enterprise Fleet Management’s proposal is to save county resources and budget dollars through a managed vehicle program, using an open-end lease as a funding mechanism among other objectives. A representative with Enter-prise Fleet Management said approximately 38 percent of the county’s fleet is more than 10 years old. The mileage ranges from 144,000 to 285,000 miles on vehicles purchased in 2011. According to Sheriff Stephen Gardner the state uses a replacement value of 125,000 miles for law enforcement vehicles due to the liability associated with emergency vehicles. More than half of the sheriff’s office fleet of vehicles exceeds this target.”

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