Daytime Running Lights

What are Daytime Running Lights?

Have you ever seen a vehicle or truck with their lights on and thought, “It’s broad daylight, there’s no need for headlights”? Well, they aren’t headlights per say, but are referred to as daytime running lights, or DRL, for short.

DRLs are different than headlights because they are low-voltage, white lights that are active when the vehicle’s headlights are inactive.

How and why are DRLs used?

Their purpose is to help other drivers see your vehicle on the road. More times than not, some vehicles can blend in with its surroundings.

DRLs help cut down on accidents and improves visibility. DRLs are automatic and can’t be turned on or off manually. They turn on when the car is started but will turn off when the headlights are on.

What are the differences between DRLs, headlights, and fog lamps?

As mentioned above, DRLs provide your vehicle visibility to others on the road. Headlights allows for you to see at night and other drivers to see you. Fog lamps are specifically for poor weather conditions and isn’t needed at any other time.

DRL Regulations

For the U.S., DRLs are legalized but aren’t required. In Canada, DRLs are required on all new or imported vehicles made after January 1st, 1990.

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